Gazi University Distance Education Application and Research Center (GUZEM) was established on 02.04.2013 and the center regulation was published in the Official Gazette No. 28711 and dated 18 July 2013.

Adopting the slogan of the Digital Face of the Gazi, GUZEM aims to conduct research and development on distance education, organize e-learning-based courses and programs in associate, undergraduate and graduate education, and support university courses with e-learning, post-graduation education through distance education, helping to organize professional information by organizing programs, diplomas, certificates, etc. for all segments of the society in needed areas with the aim of disseminating knowledge to the society and adopting the principle of lifelong learning to the society, it continues its studies as Gazi University becomes one of the leading research centers in its field on a national and international scale.

GUZEM, which has grown rapidly with its establishment, continues its associate, undergraduate and graduate programs with distance education based on communication and information technologies, and all kinds of distance education and training programs and activities that will be evaluated within the scope of courses, seminars, conferences and lifelong learning with a high level of satisfaction approach.





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