International Online Measurement-Evaluation Software Development Workshop was held in Ankara – Kızılcahamam in 10-12 December 2021.
13 December 2021 | 14:15

Organized by our center, the International Level Online Assessment-Evaluation Software Development Workshop was held in 10-12 December 2021 in Ankara - Kızılcahamam. Our center manager Assoc. Prof. Mutlu Tahsin ÜSTÜNDAĞ and center deputy manager  Assoc. Prof. Togay Seçkin BİRBUDAK and Dr. Esma Aybike BAYIR, Dr.Ebru SOLMAZ, Dr.Ahmet CELIK, Dr. Seher ÖZCAN and Gizem YILDIZ, the lecturers of the center, are among the participants of workshop. In addition, our University's Rector Advisor and Ahmet Yesevi University TÜRTEB President Prof.Dr. Halil İbrahim BULBÜL, Deputy Director of Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center of our University Lecturer. Tarık DEMİR, Education-Training and Foreign Relations Institution Coordinator Assoc.Prof. Aslıhan Selcen BİNGÖL, Head of Information Processing Department of our University, Dr.Zafer AYAZ, from the Software Unit of Information Processing Department, Dr. Mustafa TANRIVERDI, Dr. Mevlüd UYSAL, Yusuf ANDİÇ, Canberk ŞAHİN, Merter GÜLBAHAR, Murat ÖZTÜRK, Vedat TAYLAN and Ahmet Yesevi University Software Experts Harun KEÇECİ, ŞevketÇalışKAN, Hidayet TÜTÜNCÜ contributed to the workshop. In the workshop, the development process and stages of an online assessment and evaluation software to be developed at an international level, the features of the software according to different types of assessment and evaluation, the features that a software should have that measures the four basic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) to be used in language learning, software development Experience, opinions and ideas were shared on various topics such as problems that may be encountered in the process and solution suggestions, software that can be used in the design and coding stages, and the advantages and disadvantages of these software. At the end of the workshop, it was decided to share all the topics covered in a report with internal and external stakeholders.

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