Our University Erasmus Foreign Language Exams Completed Online
28 May 2021 | 11:31

Skill-based foreign language proficiency exams were held online on April 7, 2021 by the School of Foreign Languages ​​within the scope of the Erasmus Exchange Program organized by the Education and Training Foreign Relations Coordinator of our University. Erasmus exchange programs foreign language exams (German, Arabic, French and English) were prepared by the School of Foreign Languages ​​Assessment and Evaluation unit and were conducted in German, Arabic, French and English. Exams were prepared and applied in four basic language skills for the first time in our university this year. 557 students and staff participated in the exams, which were held using the Learning Management System of our center and the Zoom video conference system. In concurrent exams, 84 lecturers from the School of Foreign Languages ​​took part in 9 separate sessions and 57 online sub-rooms. Instructors working at the Distance Education Research and Application Center also provided instant technical support. All exams were successfully completed on the same day.