The Distance Education Policy of Gazi University

In addition to being one of the first higher education institutions of the Republic, Gazi University continues its path without compromising the quality education that it has offered, being pioneers in many fields, which has the expertise and a vision of a research university, in the field of distance education;

  • In order to access qualified and comprehensive education which is one of the goals of sustainable development to regulate the online education process continuity without interruption, the continuity of all these process by taking account of opinions of internal and external stakeholders,

  • Following the outputs and achievements of the online education and provide sustainable development by using performance measures,

  • Prioritizing the sustainable monitoring and improvements and establishment of required distance education programs at the fields which are needed by today’s world in cooperation with academic units and foreign partners,

  • Taking into account of students’ motivation and conditions by providing learner-centered approaches and methods with alternative evaluation methods related to distance education and at this point, increasing the technologic and pedagogic competences of academic staff in relation to this process,

  • Providing complete and uninterrupted online mediums of student guidance, academic advisory, career and social support,

  • By putting the lifelong learning at the center, providing trainings which are needed by university staff and students, in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders. And providing  continuous online access to these trainings, fulfilling necessary improvements according to feedbacks,

  • By running smart technologies( artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, learning analytical etc.), making Research and Development activities to improve online education and training process more effective and providing the follow-up of the results,

  • Has adopted as a principle which is; the data of e-learning which have occurred at the digital area. Saving these data to consider dimensions of information security, data processing besides that sharing of these data will be shaped by the same principles as well,