Distance Education Application Principles


As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, based on the letters of interest of the Ministry of Health, the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education and the decision of the Gazi University Senate dated 11.09.2020,  it has been decided that educational activities are to be conducted in a hybrid (distance education + face-to-face) manner in the Fall semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year. In this context, it is recommended that the courses that will be held by the distance education method at our university are planned and implemented  according to the following principles of practice:

  1. Will Prepare and maintain the necessary administrative and technological infrastructure for distance education during the Fall semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year and assign Gazi University Distance Education Application and Research Center (GUZEM) to ensure the coordination of distance education throughout the university,
  2. Will Conduct the courses carried out in the programs at the Institute of Informatics  through Adobe Connect, and other programs via the learning management system (LMS) (https://lms.gazi.edu.tr) offered by GUZEM through the online virtual classroom (Perculus+) integrated into this system,
  3. Will try to prevent technical and administrative problems throughout the term by actively using the support system designed by GUZEM ,
  4. Within the scope of Teacher Training; GUZEM will provide online trainings on the subjects that the instructors may need between 28 September - 02 October 2020 given by experts in their fields. The subjects include Distance Education Design Process, Measurement and Evaluation in Distance Education, Interaction and Icebreakers, Classroom Management, Ethics and Copyrights and Material Development.
  5. Within the scope of Student Orientation Training;
  • Orientation training  will be held to introduce the academic and campus opportunities of our university, especially for students who registered to our university in this academic year between 05 October-09 October 2020, but whose opportunity to receive face-to-face education on their campuses has been restricted for a certain period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Within the scope of the Academic Orientation Training, there will be welcome messages from academic unit managers, training on the use of LMS and promotion of the support system[1], 
  • In addition, within the scope of the Campus Orientation Training, in order to introduce the administrative facilities of our university on the same dates; online presentations will be made by the Student Affairs Department, Library and Documentation Department, Health Culture and Sports Department, Information Processing Department and Press and Public Relations Directorate,
  1. Regarding the use of Computer Laboratories;
  • Computer laboratories in our academic units will be readily accessable for our students who have problems with computer and internet access,
  1. In Distance Education Course Opening Procedures;
  • Course, branch, program and quota assignments will be made through the Student Affairs Information System,
  • The courses in the programs are opened on a branch basis and branches can not be merged,
  • Course quotas  are limited to a maximum of 300 students,
  • The syllabus forms designed by GUZEM will be prepared by the instructor for each course in the first week of education and will be uploaded to the system,
  • Postgraduate education is planned between 16:00 and 22:00,
  • Non-Field Elective courses will be held in a standard time period and considering the faculty members who teach more than one course, formal education will be carried out on Monday and Tuesday between 15.00-17.00 and distance education between 15:00-16:00,
  • The weekly course programs prepared by the department will be processed into the learning management system by the Unit and Program coordinators and GUZEM personnel while any updates and corrections made during the process will be carried out under the coordination of GUZEM.
  1. In line with the coordination to be provided with the cooperation between the Education-Training and Foreign Relations Institution Coordinator and GUZEM,
  • Unit coordinators will be appointed for academic units and program coordinators for Departments and Programs,
  • Unit coordinators will be responsible for maintaining the overall coordination between GUZEM so that units run effectively and smoothly,
  • Program coordinators will be responsible for the smooth and effective continuation of the courses and will be responsible for supervising all activities and content carried out by the instructors in the learning management system,
  • Unit coordinators, together with the program coordinators, will be responsible for the planning and supervision of online courses, as well as the information flow between GUZEM and the unit,
  1. Within the scope of consultancy services;
  • The consultancy information of the instructors will be defined into the LMS system,
  • E-counseling services for associate degree, undergraduate and graduate students will be carried out within the scope of e-consulting services,
  1. Distance Education Course Materials;
  • Will be prepared in line with ethical and copyright principles,
  • Legal and ethical responsibilities regarding the content, methods and materials used in the course content in the distance education process will be held entirely by the instructors; while the protection of all kinds of data in the learning management system will be the responsibility of both the instructors and the students,
  • The templates prepared by GUZEM  (previously prepared presentations by faculty members can be adapted to this template automatically)  will be used in materials that are to be uploaded to the virtual classroom (Perculus+) system, 
  1. In Postgraduate Education Applications;
  • Due to thesis defenses requiring a separate organization, in cases where it cannot be done face-to-face, and in compliance with the condition  “examination process can be recorded and legally audited” digital platforms offered by our university such as Microsoft Teams etc. will be used,
  • For Thesis Monitoring Committee and Term Projects;
    • Due to the pandemic, submission of Thesis Monitoring Committee reports will be made on the dates announced by the Institute, 
    • It will be left to the Institutes to decide whether to hold the Term Projects exams or not; If the exam is carried out, it will through Microsoft Teams in accordance with the condition of "examination process can be recorded and legally audited,"
  • Thesis Preparation and Thesis Study courses will continue by the advisor during the pandemic period through digital means,
  • It will not be appropriate to conduct distance education courses on public holidays,
  • Post-defense thesis submissions by the Executive Boards of the relevant Institutes will be decided upon,
  •  In line with the decision of the Council of Higher Education, no extra fee will be paid other than the normal wage for additional course calculations for Associate, Undergraduate and Graduate courses that are held outside of working hours and on weekends.  

[1] Support System: The problems encountered during the distance education process in the previous period were analyzed and categorized by GUZEM employees, and thus has been set up and put into use so that the users of the system are now able to solve the problems they encounter without the need for e-mail or telephone procedures.



Face-to-face Learning
Hours (Theoretical+Applied)
Distance Education
Lesson Duration (Min.)
1 25 Single
2 40 Single
3 60 Single
4 80 40 + 40 min.
5 100 50 + 50 min.
6+ 120 60 + 60 min.